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The Connecticut Association of Residential Care Homes ("CARCH"), the only association focused solely on the residential care home industry in Connecticut, is dedicated to serving the entire industry including advocating for state policy beneficial to our homes, offering training and workshops, access to important information and always concerned for the important needs of our unique resident population and their overall well being.



Who We Are


Here at Connecticut Association of Residential Care Homes (CARCH), we provide a home away from home for many elderly and disabled people in our communities who have reached a time in their lives when they can no longer live alone. The residents are people who have difficulty with meal preparation, shopping, laundry, housekeeping chores, taking their medications at appropriate times, and the loneliness that often leads to depression. These homes help the residents avoid the isolation that often leads to depression.

The Staff of Residential Care Homes offer help with these activities of daily living while encouraging their residents to remain as independent as they can be for as long as possible. They oversee the general well-being of their residents and are most often able to help them to maintain their health and prevent many of the problems associated with those living alone, such as depression, illness resulting from poor diet and mishandling of prescribed medications.

Residential Care providers promote maximum independence and dignity for each of their residents and they encourage the involvement of a resident's family, neighbors and friends.

Vice President

We are a non-profit dedicated to providing residents the utmost care. We seek to serve our community by fostering relationships between providers and residents. We appreciate any and all donations to better serve you.

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.”


Three generations of women
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